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Amazing Melbourne Plumbing Statistics and What They Mean for You!
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Amazing Melbourne Plumbing Statistics and What They Mean for You!

September 22, 2022

What tells a better story – numbers or words?

We’ll leave the writers and the mathematicians to argue over that. We’re just here to tell a story using some of the most amazing, surprising, and important numbers from our industry.

A plumber wearing overalls holding tools

Here are some plumbing statistics from Melbourne, Victoria, and Australia (and what they mean for you).

Fun Melbourne Plumbing Stats


Plumbing tools and pipes arranged on house plans


Melbourne Plumbing Fact 1: The Size of Melbourne’s Sewerage System (and the big blockages that could go with it!)

Did you know that if you laid out all the pumps and pipes in Greater Melbourne’s sewage system, they would measure more than 3,000km?

No matter where you are in Melbourne, it’s important to protect these pipes and pumps. If you flush wet wipes or nappies down the toilet or wash oils and fats down the sink, you could end up with blocked drains! That’s because fats, oils, and other foreign materials combine to form a blockage, sometimes referred to as a fatberg.

Perhaps the most famous fatberg in the world was found in Greenwich in southeast London. It weighed in at 40 tonnes and was the size of a bus!

If you have stubborn blocked drains in Melbourne, call a plumber to take care of them fast. Phone your local plumber in Chirnside Park or the surrounding area to ensure you don’t end up with an epic fatberg of your own!

Melbourne Plumbing Fact 2: The Most Water Intensive Room in Melbourne Homes

Do you know where the most water is used in the average Melbourne home? If you love a long shower, it might not surprise you to hear that 40% of our water is used in the bathroom!

It’s important to make every drop count in your bathroom, so don’t hesitate to call your local plumber in Mitcham or nearby areas. They can assist you with everything from new tap installation to leaking tap repair to upgrades for your bath and shower.

Melbourne Plumbing Fact 3: City of Melbourne… The City of Toilets!

In the City of Melbourne alone, you can find a whopping 55 public toilets. The very first one was built on Bourke Street in 1859.

A public toilet isn’t always a pretty picture, but you can take better care of your toilet at home. If you are having toilet troubles, call a local plumber for toilet repairs, including repairs for leaking toilets.

Hot and Huge Victorian Plumbing Stats


A plumber working on a hot water system with a screwdriver


Victorian Plumbing Fact 1: Hot Water Burns a Hole in Your Pocket

According to the Victorian Government, up to 16% of your energy bill can be chewed up by water heating alone.

We use hot water for relaxing baths, refreshing showers, washing clothes and dishes, and much more. Some people even use hot water as part of their home heating system. It’s no surprise that hot water systems can take up a significant chunk of your energy bill.

To keep on top of your water system, organise regular hot water repairs and maintenance and consider upgrading to a new, energy-efficient water heater. Your local plumber in Camberwell and the surrounds can assist you with all this and more!

Victorian Plumbing Fact 2: A Huge Number of Qualified Plumbers!

Here in Victoria, there are approximately 30,168 qualified plumbers.

So, what does that mean for you? Basically, it means that whether you’re looking for a plumber in Toorak or Epping, there’s a highly skilled professional nearby who is ready to assist you!

Victorian Plumbing Fact 3: How Victoria Regulates Plumbing Professionals

When you hire a plumber, you want to know that you’re getting the best person for the job! In Victoria, the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) is in charge of registration and licensing for plumbers and gas fitters!

Services like hydro jet cleaning, pipe relining, gas leak detection and repair, and carbon monoxide testing are serious business. 

It’s nice to know that you’re in good hands with a licensed Victorian plumber!

Revealing Australian Plumbing Stats


A plumber standing next to his toolbox in front of a kitchen sink


Australian Plumbing Fact 1: What the Average Aussie Plumber Looks Like

Did you know that the average plumber is younger than other workers? In Australia, the median age for all jobs is 40 years old, while the average age for a plumber is 33 years old.

Did you also know that women make up just 1% of plumbers, while across all industries, women make up 48% of jobs,

So, what does this mean for you? When you call your local plumber in Wantirna or near you, they’re likely to be a young man between the ages of 25 and 34.

It’s worth noting that here in Victoria, the State Government and the Master Plumbers Association are working together to attract more women to the plumbing industry. Here’s hoping that Victoria can lead the way in bringing every woman with an interest in plumbing into the fold!

Australian Plumbing Fact 2: When Plumbing Problems Meet Insurance Issues

According to Australian insurer QBE, water damage incidents made up 24% of home insurance claims in the four years up until the end of 2021. Water damage incidents cost between $5000 (the average price) and $500,000+ (for major water damage incidents).

Water damage issues can be the result of concealed leaks, heavy storms, roof damage, leaking pipes under the sink, tree roots in drains, and much more. The best way to prevent water damage is to call a local plumber in Greensborough or near you at the first sign of a leak or rising damp.

It’s also worth checking if water damage is covered under your insurance policy for complete peace of mind.

Australian Plumbing Fact 3: Watch Out for Hot Water!

Hot water scalds are a serious risk, especially for the elderly, young children, and people with a disability. Research shows that more than 90% of scalds from household taps occur in the bathroom.

In Australia, hot water is stored at 60°C+ to avoid bacterial contamination, but water can only come out of taps at a maximum of 50°C (or 45°C in places like schools, nursing homes, and kindergartens). This 10- to 15-degree difference between storage and delivery can make all the difference when preventing burns.

If you are concerned about the temperature of your hot water, phone a plumber today. From new showerheads to mixer tap installations and repairs, a plumber can take a range of steps to protect your family!

Australian Plumbing Fact 4: A Bonus Fact with a Global View

Australia is surrounded by water, but so is the rest of the world! Around 71% of Earth’s surface is covered in water, but only about 1% of that water is freshwater (and it’s not even all drinkable!)

Our water is precious and we need to preserve it. If you’re having water problems, it pays to call a plumber.

Riveting Residential Plumbing Stats


Top down view of a residential plumber working under a kitchen sink


Residential Plumbing Fact 1: Residential Plumbing Is a Big Deal!

Approximately 50% of the revenue generated by the plumbing industry comes from plumbing installations, such as fixtures and fittings. New residential building activity is a huge part of this!

Whether you’re looking to install a single showerhead or a brand new shower and bathtub, you can rely on your local plumbing team, whether that’s a plumber in St Kilda or Reservoir.

Residential Plumbing Fact 2: The Largest Consumers of Water in the Home

When it comes to water-intensive appliances, there are plenty to choose from. Toilets, taps, showers, and washing machines all use a lot of water in the home. In the typical Aussie home, showers alone account for more than 30% of water usage!

If you’re concerned about your household water usage, talk to your plumber about energy-efficient appliances and fixtures.

Speaking of which…

Residential Plumbing Fact 3: Aussies Can Save Billions on Household Water Use

According to the Australian government, households could save $2 billion on water costs by 2030 just by switching to water-efficient products. That’s an average of $175 per household per year!

Reducing the flow of water in the shower from 15L/min to 9L/min can save you $210 annually. Slashing it again to 6L/min results in $315 saving annually.

You can also save hundreds of dollars every year by swapping out a single-flush toilet and upgrading other appliances and fixtures to water-efficient alternatives. Talk to your local plumber in Oakleigh or the surrounding areas to start saving hundreds through water-efficient plumbing!

Critical Commercial Plumbing Stats


Commercial plumber inspecting heating system


Commercial Plumbing Fact 1: A Commercial-Led Covid Recovery for Plumbers

Record investment in institutional and commercial buildings presents plenty of opportunities for commercial plumbers. This paves the way for post-covid recovery in the plumbing industry!

For office managers, retail stores, hospitals, schools, and similar buildings, there has never been a better time to call a commercial plumber.

Commercial Plumbing Fact 2: The Incredible Amount of Water Consumed by Commercial Properties

According to 2020 data, all households in Australia consumed 1.82 million megalitres of water in a year. This pales in comparison to all the water consumed by industry, which clocks in at a massive 10.15 million megalitres!

It’s fair to say that commercial and industrial properties rely on water, which means they also rely on plumbers. Having a quality plumber on hand to assist with commercial and industrial needs is vital.

Commercial Plumbing Fact 3: The Industries That Call a Plumber Most

Here in Australia, some of the most plumbing-reliant industries are the small business, construction, restaurant, and real estate industries.

Having a dedicated plumber for your industry is a great move, especially when you regularly call a plumber. For example, the team at MCN Plumbing is the go-to real estate plumber in Melbourne.

MCN Plumbing Is Melbourne’s Trusted Plumber: And That’s A Fact!


Offering same-day services, $0 callout fees, and workmanship guarantees, MCN Plumbing is the team for you. We are your plumbers for Wheelers Hill, Carrum Downs, and the surrounds. 

In fact, we serve so many areas of Melbourne that we can come to you from Lilydale to Kew and Rowville to Campbellfield.  

If you were amazed by any of the facts in this article, you’ll be wowed by our awesome plumbing services and affordable prices!  If you need help with blocked drains in Melbourne give us a call.

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